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Relationships: Full Series

We are all wired to be in relationships. We were not designed to do this journey without people in our lives. However, relationships are hard and take work. If we don't pay attention, it's very easy for our relationships to begin to drift from their desired status.

The more time we spend in relationships the easier it becomes to see the faults, the bad, and the ugly than it is to see the things that brought you together. However, if we can figure out a way to more regularly celebrate the good, the triumphs, and the redemption in our relationships, our relationships will be a reflection of a God who created us for relationships.

Relationships are meant to be redemptive in nature. Healthy relationships have fair expectations, love others in spite of flaws, and together fill the voids that make us imperfect. Relationships allow us to be a more complete picture of who God intended us to be.

Relationships take commitment. Sometimes we enter into them unknowingly and other times we enter into them haphazardly. If we picture our relationships as something we willingly commit to for the long haul, we might be better prepared to weather the difficult storms.

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