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Hey God: Full Series

Communication is the key to all good relationships. Thinking about prayer as "Hey God" moments makes it more accessible. Prayer should look more like regular conversations rather than formal presentations.

I find that sometimes I treat God like a vending machine. I put a request in and I expect something out immediately. However, I know it just doesn’t work that way.

Prayer is like gas in our tank. There are noticeable signs and noticeable gauges we should pay attention to so we don't end up running on fumes.

Prayer is like networking with God. Making requests on behalf of others is the best kind of favor to ask. For more about how your prayers can benefit others, check out our latest video.

Prayer is kind of like preparing for a marathon. You need to start long before you need it in order to reap its full benefits. If you want to hear more about this, check out our latest video.

When it comes to prayer, our motto should be “work like it depends on me” and “pray like it depends on God.”

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