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AND: Full Series

Life is full of choices, but it doesn’t always have to be “either/or.” There are some times it can be "both/and.”

Some of us love to have a plan and others of us prefer to just go with the flow. What if the key to the most meaningful, most exciting life is both.

When it comes to success in your career or success with the people you love, you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Technology is incredible in that it allows us to live in a world where we are always connected. And yet, we are starting to realize that there is potential for too much of a good thing.

What if confidence is a prerequisite to humility? Jesus and Abe Lincoln both provide convincing arguments in favor of this idea.

Knowing the right thing and knowing how to do the right thing are the only way to coming close to ACTUALLY doing the right thing.

Grace gets a bad reputation when we choose either or between grace and truth.

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