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Bring It Home: Full Series

If we want to get better at a sport, or we want to grow in our career, we might need to do something outside of the regular. What if that’s also true for our faith? If you want to hear more about engaging your faith beyond the “normal,” check out our latest video.

The best sports coaches are masters at figuring out what it takes to win, and breaking that down into little things that individuals can do in order to get better. The Bible isn’t that much different. If you want to hear what the Bible has to say about growing and getting better, check out our latest video.

The best coaches usually coach the bench. Uniquely, there are a lot of things we can learn from that practice that apply to our faith. Hear more about this in our latest video.

In sports, band, theatre… whatever it is that we are performing and there are people watching, there are always people in the bleachers. What would it look like if we thought about that in our spiritual lives? Check out our latest video to hear more.

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