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Seeing Christmas: Full Series

One of the best things about Christmas is setting up the tree. It’s usually the first indication that the season is here. But what does that have to do with Jesus? If you want to hear more about this, check out our latest video.

If you ask any kid what their favorite part of Christmas is, it’s always the presents. But sometimes that leaves us wondering… what do the presents have to do with this season at all? What do gifts have to do with Jesus? Check out our latest video to hear more.

One of the best parts about Christmas is how it engages all of the senses, especially the food. If you want to hear more about how food and Jesus go together, check out our latest video.

What is it about family that just makes the holidays? Even the difficult and the weird ones. There’s just something about it. Hear more about how faith goes with family in our latest video.

Most of us want Christmas to last just a little bit longer. Hear more about how you can take Christmas with you into the new year in our latest video.

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