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2020 Vision: Full Series


Do more, weigh less, make more money, etc…These are all the typical goals we set each year as we head into a new year. What would it look like if we started with faith goals? Check out this and so much more in our latest video!

Do you set goals as a family, or do you set goals for yourself to be a better part of your family? Explore what the Bible says about faith, family, and how to grow both together in our latest video!

There's something extra special about Friendsgiving; being able to connect with friends around the holidays and simply laugh, celebrate, and enjoy each other's company. What would it look like to celebrate your friendships year-round? Discover what the Bible says about friendship in our latest video!

What would a broader picture of fitness look like to you? What do we really need to be healthy? Watch our video and learn what the Bible says about fitness and health!

Money is a strange concept at its core, but it's a helpful tool that can improve the lives of those around us. How might improving your relationship with money impact the lives of others? Learn what the Bible says about money in our latest video!

As children, it's common to play and have fun seemingly every moment of the day, but as we grow older we lose touch with many of the things that brought us joy. How might revisiting some of these activities bring happiness to you in the year ahead? Learn what the Bible says about fun in this video!

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