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Design: Full Series

What if I told you that the Cheers theme song is actually a perfect picture of the way we are designed to be?

Kids love storms… thunderstorms in the summer, snow days in the winter. But as we go through life, we start walking through a different kind of storm. A kind of storm that's definitely not as much fun. If you want to hear more about what God has to say about the storms in your life, check out our latest video.

My favorite part about Easter is that it doesn’t end on the cross, and isn’t exclusive to just me. What Jesus did on the cross invites us into a relationship with God and restoring the way this world looks.

The first thing we do when we start planning a party is figure out who’s invited. Unfortunately, we often apply this same thinking to our faith. But who’s actually invited to God’s party? Check out our latest video to hear more.

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