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More Than You Can Handle: Full Series

We’ve all said or heard the common phrase, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” But what if we’ve been lying to people? Hear more about what God has to say about this in our latest video.

If we’re being honest, most of us like control. We live our lives looking for certainty and control. But if we live out our faith this way, it limits what God can do in our lives. Check out our latest video to hear more.

A lot of times when we tell people not to be angry, or we tell them they need anger management, we suggest that they shouldn’t be angry. But what if our faith told us a different story? It’s ok to be angry, but it’s what we do with that anger that matters.

We like karma when it’s good and going to return to us, and we also like it when it’s bad and going to return to someone else. But the reality is that grace and karma do not work together. Hear more about this in our latest video.

It seems easy to put our trust in something that’s going well. But when things aren’t going quite as planned, that’s when faith shows up. Faith shows up when the lights go off. Hear more in our latest video.

Sometimes things need to break for them to get better. We don’t like to admit it because we don’t like broken things. But what if God does amazing things with broken people?

We have a tendency to want to fix things, and so we also have a tendency to want God to fix things. But what if in those difficult times, in times of need, it’s enough to just be with him?

Grace is one of those weird things that we love when it applies to us, but we don’t really like when it applies to someone else. Especially if they don’t deserve it, right? Hear more about this in our latest video.

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