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With: Full Series

One of the most powerful words we can use is the word “with.” We all want to be included, we all want to be in on something, and we were designed to be connected. Hear more about this and how it relates to your faith in our latest video.

It’s been said about work that, “it would be awesome, if it weren’t for all the people.” We could probably say that about our lives too; that people can be difficult. The big question is what does our faith ask of us with difficult people? Check out our latest video to hear more.

Some people would kill for a day all to themselves. And other people are surrounded by people and still feel all alone. If you want to hear about how your faith asks you to engage this difficult space, check out our latest video.

Words carry a lot of meaning. The word “them” evokes emotion. If you want to know how your faith asks you to engage with the “thems” of the world, check out our latest video.

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